Artist Biography

Artist Biography

A biograpghy is a quick synopsis giving pertinent details about an artist to inform and build interest among current and [potential] new fans. Fill out this form depicting each specific moment of your passion and the next step you took to fulfilling that passion.

 I.E. You realized music helped you get through hard times when you were upset about... and you put on a song and your mood changed for the better. At that moment you wanted to make music that can uplift others.


In this section, you will provide information relating to your artistic identity.

Social Media Handles

In this section you will provide the portals to connect with your fans. Branded social media pages are an easy way to track and engage with  your budding audience of fans. List the public profiles fans can use find and reach you.

Artistic Motivations

In this section you will provide insight to your artistic career. The music industry is filled with creatives that have a story to tell or a message to share. Complete this section to explain why your story is unique and captivating.


In this section you, will discuss your professional journey. As a creative your product is a one of a kind piece. Explain what makes it special and the inspirations behind the drive to be a creative as a career choice.

Career Highlights

In this section, you will provide a history of any relevant projects released to the public related to your career choice.