Artist Evaluation Form

Artist Evaluation Form

Tier 1 - Public Profiles

These are the basics any new act should have in order to compete in the modern music circuit.  At the end of this tier, the artist should have the proper materials to let any potential fan know they are an artist from the first impression.

Tier 2 - Business Legitimacy

With the basic elements completed, the next tier includes the professional presentation and development. At the end of this tier, the artist should have registered their original works and have a place for fans to find their musical content and pieces of work signifying a small interest via streams.

Tier 3 - Catalog Statistics

With 1 - 3 videos published and an audience of listeners, it is vital to keep their attention among established and competing acts. At the end of this tier, the artist should have their public platforms, branded material, a published catalog of audios, and a minimum of eight music videos.

Tier 4 - Level Up

If you have checked off everything in the checklist, then you are at the phase in your career to take it to the next level. The question is, “What is the next level?” The next level is when all of the hard work that you put in throughout the three tiers begins to blossom and starts to pay off, literally!

Because we care about helping artists develop and progress within their careers, we are offering a one-hour Level Up consultation (retail value $150.00) for free, if you checked off everything on the list!

If you made it to this point and you have a few things left to check off the list it is okay, and we are here to help. When we receive this form, a representative will reach out to you to help you get on track for your goal and get your list completed, so you can receive your free Level Up consultation.

What do you get in a one-hour Level Up campaign consultation?

  • Industry benefits from being an artist.

  • What the labels do not want the artists to be aware of.

  • Monetization secrets

  • Soundcloud, YouTube, and Facebook

  • Music Marketing Process and Philosophy

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook 

  • The artist will receive a comprehensive breakdown of the systems and algorithms that govern the major social media platforms used when promoting their music and how to manipulate them to increase the artist’s reach.

  • Fan Aggregation Tactics

  • Strategies to solidify the fan base in a visible place.

What do you get in a two-hour Level Up campaign consultation?

  • Custom 12-month Next Level campaign 

  • A $50.00 discount on any service purchased from Fly Features Media towards the campaign.

We will customize a campaign to your goals and where the artist wants to be by the end of the goal.

This will include a step by step task list with deadline dates and budgets to track your progress.

With this option the artist receives active phone support from Fly Features Music Group for the expected duration of your campaign,  if you need help understanding your next steps or need clarity on how to move forward.