Consultation Form

Consultation Form

Consultation Form

Consultations are the first step to organizing a marketing campaign for a project and expanding the presentation or reach of the business. As you embark on your business venture, every task should be a step to achieving the goal of the company's project. Below are basic questions giving the blueprint of the brand and the goal of the campaign.

Economic Positioning

Every business is attached to a sector, industry, and market. This provides the rules and regulations, trends, benchmarks and more businesses use to guide their business activities and decision making. In this section you will determine your current positioning, so our consultants can obtain and advise you on the latest and relevant information that can effect operations, performance, and results.


Through these digital outlets the company is able to reach the billions of users across the globe to redirect back to the company's headquarters and convert them from unknown users to loyal customers.

Stage of Development and Perfomance

Businesses come in different stages of operations (Seed and Development, Start Up, Growth and Establishment, Expansion, Maturity and [possible] Exit). Here is where you provide the background information to assist our consultants prepare your executable step by step plan.


With each campaign there is a specific goal the owner wants to achieve. These goals will provide the baseline for campaign objectives. To achieve these goals it requires an increase of the brand's visibility or awareness to increase their audience or conversion, so it can  increase sales within the current audience.In this section, yoou will provide insight on the long term and short term goals for the business.

Consultation Pricing


1 hour - $150.00
*2 hours - $275.00
*3 hours - $400.00
*4 hours - $525.00

* = can be split into seperate meetings